Reminiscent of Woman's Hour in the 1950s with a few keyboard beats, accordion solos and a DIY activist ethos thrown in, The Missability Radio Show is an inimitable blend of whimsy, social questioning, common sense and craft.

The project was put together by Felicity Ford as her final project during her MA in Interdisciplinary Arts Programme, at Oxford Brookes.

The Missability Radioshow features guest interviews, conversation pieces, fiction works and music. The show includes:

What is the idea behind The Missability Radio Show?

by Felicity Ford

I've been obsessed with the design of disability equipment for several years now. When I realised early on in my twenties that it was time to buy a walking-stick I was dismayed by the lack of choice available. I really wanted a red and white polka dot walking stick that would reflect my clothes and sense of style and I wanted to be able to buy such an item without a sales clerk tutting and saying 'it's such a shame... at such a young age...'

Similarly, a friend of mine recently felt embarrassed by the muddy, grey and tattered appearance of her Guide Dog harness; she felt it spoiled the look she was trying to put together for the opening night of her exhibition. She couldn't find anything other than the standard issue yellow and white harness for her guide-dog so she asked me if I could do something with my sewing machine.

Another friend wanted some solution for covering her crutches so that they wouldn't stand out so much against the bridesmaid dress she was going to wear at her brother's wedding and so I suggested we could maybe do something with felt.

I began to customise, to write about customisation, to think about making solutions for these problems. The Missability Radio Show is a synthesis of these activities.

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