The Poster features a woman in a red and white polka-dot dress leaning on a grey walking stick. To the left of her head is a yellow thought bubble positioned as though she is imagining the things pictured inside it. In this thought bubble there are 3 mobility aids; one walking-stick with an ergonomic handle, one walking-stick with a plain black handle and one standard crutch. Each of these mobility aids is decorated in a polka-dot print that perfectly matches the woman's dress. The typefaces and graphic language of the poster emulate domestic appliance advertisements from the 1950s. The Missability Radio Show logo is at the top right hand of the image, and then in the bottom left hand side of the picture the following text is printed: Do you dream of more colourful equipment? Talk to me! I am making a Radio Show about disability equipment design. I want to hear about your experiences of using mobility aids, and your ideas about the design of crutches, wheelchairs, walking-sticks, hearing-aids, guide-dog harnesses etc. this is your chance to be heard! For information on how to get involved Call Felix on 078 3513 6201 or email Go back to the main site