With greatest thanks to Dialability

"Dialability is delighted to sponsor Missability in this innovative approach to design and in asking consumers of all ages what they really want for self-expression. Disability products are dull and functional on the whole and the public perception of disability is restrictive instead of being an enlightening chance to embrace opportunities and new styles of working and living that will benefit us all. Ms Ford is to be congratulated on her fresh manner, her kaleidoscopic view of every day objects and her direct approach to challenging the status quo that produces barriers to change. We wish her every success and to those of you who view or hear her work don't just pass idle comments and leave, be inspired to be an agent of change yourself. Ring Dialability and join us in raising the profile of disability design, boost your own knowledge and that of others and discover new opportunities."

A messagefrom Sue Butterworth, manager of Dialability.

Dialability are the primary sponsors for The Missability Radio Show.

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