Deaf Silence and Sound

What do you hear when you take out your hearing aid(s)?

What do you hear when you take your hearing aid out? What is the soundscape you experience? What is your relationship to music? Are there whistling sounds, muffled sounds, clanking sounds, ringing sounds, white noise or other sounds? I am a sound-artist interested in working with you to try and recreate those sounds and in learning about the sounds you experience when you take out your hearing aids.

Deaf Silence and Sound method

The project works like this: we meet and talk about the sounds you experience when you take out your hearing aids. I then go away and work on trying to recreate those sounds according to your descriptions, and then we meet again. I play the recordings back to you and if they need further improving, I will go away and continue to work on the recordings until we have something which portrays as accurately as possible, your experience of sound without hearing aids. I will record all of our conversations and give you unedited copies of them and then develop the material for use in the Missability Radioshow, my forthcoming college project.

Project Aims

To facilitate understanding between hard-of-hearing, deaf and hearing groups, to challenge the popular perception that deaf experience is totally silent, and to explore ways of making inclusive and accessible work as a soundartist.

Where will Deaf Silence and Sound be shown?

Excerpts from Deaf Silence and Sound will initially be a regular feature in the forthcoming Missability Radio Show, produced by me as my final work for my MA in Sonic Art and Composition at Oxford Brookes University this September. Transcripts of interviews, recordings of interviews and excerpts of sounds will be made available in the University exhibition and online. Depending on funding, a signed and subtitled DVD based on these recordings is planned for the future.


Wherever required, a T-loop and/or a signing interpreter can be arranged for interviewing purposes. If you have other access requirements do get in touch!

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