If you have reached this page it is because I emailed you about an mp3 I have made about The Knitted Walking Stick Competition.

Please download the short audio clip according to what you need for your show and use it as you like within your Podcast.

Download a 16-bit stereo mp3 of the audio clip

Download a 32-bit float mp3 version of the audio clip

For additional, background information about the work help yourself to this mp3 which was made during a recent interview I did with a local hospital radio, about The Missability Radio Show. There is also a 16-bit stereo mp3 of the audio clip using just the voice, with no added music.

You can also use any of the music supplied on The Missability Radio Show myspace or anything on the downloads page of my music site

All audio sampled at 44,100Hz. If you need anything else, email me. I hereby authorise you to edit or change any of these audio clips and state that I, Felicity Ford, own all of the copyright associated with these audio materials.

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