A Very Basic Knitted Walking Stick Cosy Patten

Pattern © Felicity Ford AKA The Missability Radio Show 2007. This pattern may not be reproduced or used for profit-making purposes.

A Knitted Walking Stick Cosy on a Stick in the Grass!

Download the pattern in Word format here or in PDF format here.


This pattern can be adapted easily; the most important thing is that whatever yarn or needles you use, your finished, knitted cosy needs to end up being 3” in circumference as this size will generally accommodate most walking-stick thicknesses. You will also need some way of keeping the cosy up so that isn’t constantly sliding down the stick!



Stitch gauge is: 24 sts = 3? / 8 sts = 1?. Row gauge isn’t so important for this project as you just knit until the cosy is the length of the stick you’re designing for. Make up a swatch in the round and adjust needle size accordingly.



*I used 33g of self-patterning Lana Grossa yarn for the cosy featured above

Self Patterning sock yarn closeup



CO 24 stitches in your preferred CO method. Distribute your stitches equally over 3 needles, placing a st marker after the first st, so you know where the round ends and begins.

Rows 1 – 18: *K2 P2, rpt from * all the way around for 18 rows. This section of double-rib will hold the cosy up on the walking stick.

Row 18 until the cosy measures approx 76cm: K in stocking stitch.

Bottom of Cosy: : *K2 P2, rpt from * for about 5cm to give the cosy a nice, neat bottom.

Finishing: Weave in the ends with the tapestry needle.



Using this pattern I also made a polka-dot walking stick cosy using mosaic stitch. The gauge was exactly the same but the stranding on the back of the knitting made this cosy a little bit tighter on the stick! If you want to make a specific pattern using mosaic stitch, check out the links.

Polka dot walking-stick cosy knit in the round and unfinished...

Using Chunky weight yarn, I knitted up the bat-cane (it’s like the bat utility belt, but a walking stick cosy… it is still awaiting pockets and notions to go in the pockets.) the gauge for the bat-cane knit in chunky weight was 4 sts per inch and it was 12sts in the round, knit on 4mm needles. It knit up in no time! You can contribute ideas about what ought to be in the pockets when I add them, here on my blog.

The Batcane - knit in chunky yarn.

Word Format or PDF Format.

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