Wheels of Fury Hat

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Wheels of Fury pattern closeup

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In honor of and inspired by my Dad, Tom Weaver. Yes, you may use a wheelchair to get around, you may use your arms as both your legs and your arms, but that does not make you less FIERCE.

This hat uses intarsia, and is therefore worked flat and seamed up the back after completion. It is recommended for intermediate and adventurous knitters.



22 stitches and 32 rows to 4 inches/10 centimeters

The hat is designed to fit snugly on an average head (about a 21-inch circumference). It is easy to make the hat larger or smaller; simply work the intarsia design on the middle 28 stitches, and add or subtract from the stitches that border it. You can even make the hat from yarn that is an entirely different gauge with very little calculation, as long as you don’t mind your intarsia design being proportionately larger or smaller!





Cast on 116 stitches with the main color.

Row 1: K1, then work in K2, P1 rib until you reach the last stitch. K the last stitch.

Row 2: P1, then work in P2, K1 rib until you reach the last stitch. P this stitch.

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until the work measures 1.5 inches.

On the next row, K 44, place marker, K28, place marker, K44.

Purl 1 row.

Now, begin the intarsia design. It is worked on the 28 stitches between your two markers. Begin at the lower right-hand corner. On either side of the design, continue to work in stockinette stitch in Main Color.

When you have finished the 35 rows of the intarsia chart, work 5 more rows in stockinette. Then decrease for the crown as follows:

1 st decrease row: (K5, K2tog), repeat to end of row (don't worry if your stitch count doesn't fit perfectly, just stop whenever in the sequence of this repeat you happen to be).

Work 3 rows stockinette.

2 nd decrease row: (K3, K2tog), repeat to end of row

Work 3 rows stockinette

3 rd decrease row: (K2tog), repeat to end of row

Work 3 rows stockinette

4 th decrease row: (K2tog), repeat to end of row

Cut yarn and draw through remaining stitches. Pull tight. When you cut the yarn, leave at least an 18-inch tail, and use this to sew up the back seam of the hat using mattress stitch. Now it's time to embroider your…



For the flames in the photo, I used simple free-form embroidery stitches using three different types of red and reddish-orange yarn. One of the yarns I used was Handmaiden Sea Silk, which gave the flames a lovely sheen. Feel free to improvise! Basic embroidery instructions can be found at Sharon b's “in a minute ago” stitch dictionary:


I used primarily the chain stitch, back stitch, and satin stitch. You don't need to be particularly good at any of these to make your flames… just experiment and make your hat your own.



Knitting Chart for Wheels of fury hat design

Click on this image to see a larger version of the chart or Download the pattern in Word Format or PDF Format.


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